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Malimel Bhagavathi Temple is situated in Kurathikad ward of Mavelikkara-Thekkekkara Panchayath of Mavelikkara Taluk in Alappuzha district. “Malimel Bhagavathi” is the “Gramadevatha” of the Village. It is believed that Malimel Bhagavathi came from Ayroor Puthiyakavu temple near Kozhencherry with a saint (Yogeeswaran) of Pullelil Nadalayil family, about 900 years ago. The fact that Malimel Bhagavathi temple is identical to Ayroor Puthiyakavu temple supports this belief. The goddess is conceived as Bhadra. Brahmasree Akkeraman Kalidasa Bhattathiri is the thanthri (Chief Priest) of the temple.  The Prathishta is “Kannadibimbom” of Bhadra. The divine power of Devi is absorbed to the Kannadibimbom

The temple stands on the highest ground level of Kurathikad. The temple is surrounded by paddy fields on three sides. A beautiful grove of dense wood fully covers the northern side of the temple. Upadevathas in all corners, the cool grove and the paddy fields all add to the beauty, calmness and divinity of the place.

Other Temples
  Apart from Upadevathas, the Kuzhikkalakotta temple at the premises of N.S.S High School Kurathikad, Moorthykkavu temple at Pallikkal east and Ayankovil temple at Varenikal are also governed by the Malimel devaswom. The main deity of Moorthykavu is ‘Moorthy’. Morthy is one other state of Lord Siva.  Other deities at Moorthykavu are ‘Kodumkali’ and ‘Rakthachamundi’. It is believed that the presence of the ‘Moorthy’ is there at Malimel temple premises after the closure of the temple. It is believed that the ‘Morthy’ used to stay at the ‘Kalathattu’ of Malimel temple on late nights.  
The Kuzhikkalakotta temple is managed by Malimel Devaswom. The deity of Kuzhikkalakotta is ‘Sri Durga’. Formerly the temple was a ‘Kalari’. A Kavu (grove) was also there. There was a big pond in front of the temple with wide black stone steps to the pond. The saint-warrior ‘Koyippurathu Valyachan’ who belonged to the Puthuppurakkal family lived at Kuzhikkalakotta with his mother after his return from Malabar. The house at Kuzhikkalakotta was built by Koyippurathu Valyachan. The house was built according to the north Kerala style. It was a two storied building with wooden roof.
The Ayyankovil temple is half km away from Malimel temple.The Karanavas of Nadalayil family was devotees of Dharma Sastha. Apart from the Ayyankovil temple, the presence of Dharmasastha is very strong at the Malimel temple. The idol of Ayyankovil temple is similar to the idol of Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala. There is a well in the northeastern side of the temple.


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