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  Bhadrakali was created by Lord Shiva from his matted hair to destroy Daksha and make hindrance to his yaga. In another story she was born from the third eye of Shiva to kill the Asura named “Darika”. Darika the Asura after prolonged meditation of Brahma got invincible powers as blessings from the Brahma. After the blessings were received, Darikan became proud. He conquered the whole three worlds and caused harm and tried to hurt the Devas, monks and good souls, and also hindered all kinds of good acts.  
As the torture of Darikan was beyond all control and became unbearable, Devarshi Naradan took shelter under Mahadevan. Understanding the depth of the cruelties of Darikan, Lord Mahadevan opened his "Third Eye" with great anger and created the ferocious Bhadrakali. Devi killed the ferocious Darikan at the command of her father and saved the three worlds from his clutches.

Actually Bhadra is another moorthy of Parvathi Devi, the wife of Lord Shiva. The deity in Malimel Bhagavathi Temple is Bhadrakali in her calm status (Santhaswarppoam). Devotees worship Devi according to their wish and belief as Parvathi, Kali, Durga, Rajarajeswari etc.
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